New NCAA Football #1

Ohio State has been bumped out of the number one position according to the AP Poll, and Clemson has taken over. This happened thanks in part to a 23-13 victory by the Clemson Tigers over Florida State on Saturday. The Ohio State Buckeyes fell down to number two, while Alabama dropped from the number two slot to the number three slot, even though they defeated LSU with a score of 30-16.

Last week, the Tigers were ranked number three overall, but because of the strength of Florida State, they have convinced enough experts that they are the best college football team in the nation. The number 19 ranked Florida State Seminoles are now 7-2, with their other victory coming from the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The game was close until the last half of the game, where Georgia Tech shut down the Seminoles and took the lead in the 4th quarter. Either way, the Clemson Tigers have taken down enough strong teams now that they are considered the best team in the nation.

Ohio State improved their season record to 9-0, but this week’s victory came against the Minnesota Golden Gophers, an unranked team that now has a losing record. The Buckeyes won, but with a score of just 28-14. Based upon the talent at Minnesota, Ohio State should have put up many more points if they wanted to hold their position. Alabama’s competition was a bit stiffer with the LSU Tigers also being a ranked team. The Crimson Tide won, but the Tigers are a ranked team—now they are number 9 overall—so it is conceivable that Alabama could move up to the number two position if they keep up their pace. However, the Crimson Tide has suffered a loss this season. This came at the hands of the Ole Miss Rebels. They took out Alabama with a score of 43-37, which has hurt Alabama’s ability to take over the number one spot.

College football has an even more intense following than the NFL does in some parts of the country, and they have just as vibrant of a daily fantasy football crowd than the NFL does. However, you will find that the quality of those that draft fantasy rosters, especially at the lower levels of the game, are not nearly as good. College football is a huge sport, and there are many more teams than in the NFL. Having an expertise in fantasy college football is far more difficult than having an expertise in the NFL. If you are a talented fantasy football manager, you can translate that to the NCAA side of things, but it isn’t as easy as many people believe. The disparity of talent in collegiate sports is usually much bigger, and that means that if a mediocre team plays a really bad team, the stars of that mediocre team have a chance of scoring far more fantasy points than a great team going against a good team. Looking for little things like this will help you to gain an advantage over your competition.

Whether or not the Clemson Tigers can hold the number one spot all the way to BCS season remains to be seen. They have a weak schedule for the rest of November, so they could lose points simply for this reason. Still, thanks to their current standing and the little bit of season left on the schedule, the Tigers have a decent chance of being one of the top two teams at the end of the regular season. Still, with the three weeks left in the NCAA season, a lot can happen.